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Brainstorming your data strategy @ Vantage Health Accelerator

Following the success of our data workshop on the Vantage accelerator last year, we are really pleased to announce that we will be taking part in the new 2023 Vantage HealthTech programme. The accelerator programme will include workshops on funding, legal, data and communications, among other things.

Nick’s data workshop is fun, interactive and informative. It is designed to help founders brainstorm the potential data in their business, how it can be used to create value for customers and clients, and the next steps to make it happen.

This is hugely important for startups today, for many of whom data is one of the most valuable potential assets in their business – and increasingly so with the march of AI and data science. Getting data right from the start is a valuable advantage that many startups are missing out on. It is usually harder to fix or backfill later.

We’ll use a format similar to the famous Lean Startup Canvas to brainstorm data outputs, inputs, value adding activities, priorities and challenges. And then each founding team will present their canvas to the rest of the group, with a Q&A session. This helps teams to build connections and identify areas they can share knowledge and help each other.

At the end we’ll cool off with some drinks and chat, which can be about data or anything else.

To attend this workshop, you will need to be on the Vantage HealthTech Accelerator 2023 – you can apply here.

Nick is also able to provide this workshop privately and for other events – please reach out to him to discuss via Contact Us.



18 October 2023, TBC

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