In this time of extraordinary change, we investigate the new digital landscapes that are emerging.

Is your tech strategy ready for the steady exit from lockdown?

The gradual exit from lockdown is a crucial window for companies to align their tech with sudden changes in customer demand and unexpected pressure…

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How digital innovation in hospitals is stepping up to the challenges of Coronavirus

I heard from a colleague yesterday that the pandemic is driving much needed digital innovation and adoption in their (already very progressive)…

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man with bicycle with face-mask

Tech to help bike industry capitalise on booming sales opportunity

The Covid-19 pandemic has had one unexpected business success story in the UK: the local bike shop. With people in cities and towns across the…

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Seven ways to optimise your AWS spend

In these challenging times, every business should be looking at their infrastructure spend to ensure every aspect is fully optimised to deliver…

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Tech in the time of Covid-19

Amid the global uncertainty, right now one thing is very clear: in this crisis, we are turning to tech like never before. Worldwide, at every level…

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Loft wins funding award with Moorfields Eye Hospital and UCL

We can finally reveal that we've been awarded a research and development grant by the UK Government, via Health Data Research UK, to work with…

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New Relic

New Relic as an aid to massive scalability

We have a number of large scale projects on at Loft at present, and with this in mind massive scalability is one of our primary areas of new…

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Loft at WeAreDevelopers, Vienna

The annual conference circuit is a vital source of information and inspiration for Team Loft on the latest thinking and insight in our areas of…

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Researching Darwinian Artificial Intelligence

Loft engineer Jan Svoboda is studying Grammatical Evolution - a technique that mimics biological evolution as described by Darwin, to create new…

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Behaviour Driven Development

Introducing behaviour driven development

We’ve been using Behaviour Driven Development (or BDD) internally at Loft for a while, and the other day we had a super interesting conversation…

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