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Demystifying and unlocking the potential of data

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Loft works with businesses to help them formulate and execute their data strategy, as well as manage and gain insights from their data.

Data is often one of the most valuable assets a business has, but it is also often overlooked. While software can be continually revised and replaced, you can’t easily go back and re-collect or rebuild your data, so forethought in building valuable data assets is essential. A robust data strategy can transform your business.

From startups to global brands, Loft helps businesses of all sizes understand and realise the potential of their data.

You can read more about our Founder’s thoughts on data here.

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Step-by-step guide for formulating a data strategy

Based on our experience helping many businesses with their data, we’ve put together the following step-by-step guide to help you start to form a data strategy. We’ll be exploring this in more detail as part of a series of articles on data which will be posted over the coming weeks.


Use the Loft Data Canvas

Use the Loft Data Canvas to map out your data strategy in a structured way

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Diagram it

Diagram the key entities, what data moves between them, and how

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Identify the immediate priorities, both long and short term, based on your business goals

Article coming soon

Connect your data points

List out the entities and data points you need, and how they connect (this can act as a starting point for a data specification)

Article coming soon

Design the data structure

Think about how your data should be structured to ensure it serves the needs of your business

Article coming soon


Set out an action plan to build it

Article coming soon

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Data Strategy #1: Introducing the Loft Data Canvas

In this first part of our new series exploring how to develop a data strategy and roadmap for your product, we introduce a process for brainstorming the data in your business and how you can create value from it…

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Everyone’s talking about data

Until quite recently a data warehouse was thought to be a Big Business thing. But the tools and technologies are now fit and affordable for use for even the smallest businesses. We are currently helping a number of companies, from startup to about £50m turnover, to plan and build new data strategies…

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