Loft Platform

Built based on decades of experience

Loft has been developing cloud-based digital tools and platforms for major global brands since 2007. Some have grown to become national and global success stories. We have helped them to grow from the seedling of an idea, through the pains of scaling up, and mergers and acquisitions, into mature global technology-led businesses. Loft’s deep digital knowhow and engineering approach is crucial to this, as our clients will testify.

The Loft Platform combines our decades of experience into a suite of foundational technology that new digital tools and platforms of any type can be built on - to launch and scale faster. It is flexible, scalable, extensible and modular, and can be used in just about any market.

Deals with all the boring but important stuff

Through developing hundreds of digital platforms of all shapes and sizes, we know only too well the requirements and challenges that growing digital businesses need to address time and again.

It is often the routine, yet complex, under-the-bonnet stuff that every business needs in order to launch and scale safely - user management, billing, information security, and internationalisation, for example. While crucial, this work is easily overlooked, hard to get right, and can easily become a drag on a business focussed on creating innovative new functionality.

The Loft Platform removes this barrier and enables our clients grow faster. It handles all the important but boring stuff, so our clients can put more of their effort and money towards the exciting stuff that makes them unique.


  • Flexible, open and modular architecture supporting any number of data sources and any number of user interfaces
  • Common, open standards, easily integratable with other systems
  • Data model built around users
  • Customisable data structures for any number of different user types
  • Tools for managing user data, segmentation, access control, permissions, audit
  • Web and mobile frameworks for rapid development of bespoke applications
  • Management and administration interface
  • Customisable dashboards and reporting tools
  • Transcends borders, works in any language and locale

Learn more

If you would like to learn more about how the Loft Platform could be used in your business, please reach out to us here.