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PHPUnit Essentials

PHPUnit Essentials by Zdenek Machek

A massive ‘Hurray!’ to Loft engineer Zdenek on the publication of his book.

PHPUnit is a key industry tool for ensuring quality and reliability of code through automated testing. Here at Loft, we integrate it with Eclipse, Selenium, Jenkins and various other tools to provide continuous, automated, integrated, realtime quality checks throughout our production and release processes.

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250,000 miles pledged

250,000 miles pledged for Cycle to Work Day

Tens of thousands joined, including a few famous names. Trending on Twitter.

Yesterday was Cycle to Work Day, organised by our long-standing client Cyclescheme. We put up a site with a little app to promote the day and encourage commuters to pledge to bike to work. We asked each to tell us how far their ride would be, and used this to keep a tally of the event’s estimated impact.

Tens of thousands of cyclists took part, including several famous names. The event received fantastic news and TV coverage around the country, many commuters shared photos of their ride online, and #cycletoworkday was trending on Twitter in the UK.

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RAR Recommended

Loft rated 91% by clients

Our clients have rated us anonymously, we’re in the top 20 for digital in London.

Just a quick note to announce that Loft is now featured on the Recommended Agencies Register, in the top 20 for digital in London. Our clients have given us an average rating of 91% for client service, creativity, effectiveness, strategic thinking, value for money, and delivering on time and on budget.

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