How much does security cost?

Simple question, difficult answer. Security could cost nothing, but end up costing you everything. COVID-19 has changed the IT landscape. Suddenly,…

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7 reasons you should modernise your legacy systems

Application modernisation Let’s admit it. Every company has a skeleton in the closet - where one of the biggest skeletons is often a legacy system.…

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Seven ways to optimise your AWS spend

In these challenging times, every business should be looking at their infrastructure spend to ensure every aspect is fully optimised to deliver…

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New Relic

New Relic as an aid to massive scalability

We have a number of large scale projects on at Loft at present, and with this in mind massive scalability is one of our primary areas of new…

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Researching Darwinian Artificial Intelligence

Loft engineer Jan Svoboda is studying Grammatical Evolution - a technique that mimics biological evolution as described by Darwin, to create new…

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Sass lint

That’s the way we lint it

Sass-lint has just made it into Net Magazine's list of 50 amazing free tools for web pros, read on to find out why we at Loft are so proud of this…

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