About us

For over ten years, Loft has been helping clients lead through digital innovation

We act as a strategic technology partner and an extension of our clients' teams. We bring expertise to conceptualise, build and manage innovative digital systems, helping them to become leaders in their fields.

Who we are

A team of passionate technologists on a mission to create the best digital systems

At Loft we thrive on working together to create new technology that has the power to enable change. We bring that passion to every project we do, and every relationship we build.

That’s why clients who worked with us a decade ago still work with us today.

What we do

Pioneers of all things digital

Loft plans, designs, builds and manages digital products, services, platforms and other systems, typically in the cloud. We’ve been doing it since the very earliest days of the cloud itself: it is where we began, and we are pioneers in this space.

The systems that we create are secure, modern, scalable, usable, accessible, and well-considered.

We also help clients to develop and implement multi-million pound technology strategies, for example around growth, exit or acquisition goals, leveraging unique technology assets that we have created for them.

How we work

The Loft way is strategic, creative, technical and collaborative

We work closely with clients to gain a deep understanding of their work and industry, and the opportunities and challenges in play. We rapidly prototype, iterate, scale and manage solutions through our culture of agility, excellence and continuous improvement.

Helping organisations streamline operations, we eliminate barriers to progress and act swiftly on opportunities so they can leverage their core assets to create new products and services, at pace.

We have been honing the Loft approach since 2007, providing clients with unparalleled technology assets and turning them into leaders in their industries.

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Who we work with

Organisations of all sizes and at every stage of digital maturity, across business, healthcare, academia and non-profit

Some of the people we have worked with include:

“Loft understood and anticipated our requirements perfectly and delivered on time and on budget.”

— Keith Walker, Head of Digital, Future Plc