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We are specialists in:

User-centred research & design

We help you design the right thing while building a network

Secure, modern, scalable applications

Leveraging cloud services for efficiency and scalability

Strategic data capability

Building high value data pipelines and tools

Our full list of services

Digital R&D

We work with commercial, academic and specialist R&D partners to research, develop and test new ideas and approaches that put them at the cutting edge of modern technology.

Design & UX

We believe in designing applications that are intuitive, usable and accessible to users; that make complex information and interactions easy; and that follow a logic and order that everyone can understand, both technically and visually.

Software engineering

From microservices to enterprise cloud platforms, our exceptional software development capabilities provide clients with the peace of mind that their systems are robust, scalable, secure and maintainable.


Loft’s AWS-accredited development, infrastructure and operational skills enable us to improve and optimise client systems safely and at speed, in some areas releasing new functionality multiple times per day.

Digital transformation

Whatever the digital maturity of your organisation, we can work with you to identify opportunities to modernise and digitise your services and working processes. We favour quick delivery that makes an immediate difference.

Strategic consultancy

Whether your overarching strategy is to grow organically, acquire subsidiaries, or prepare your business for sale, we can help you develop a technology strategy focusing on your end goal, reducing the risk of wasted investments along the way.

As Consulting Partners within the AWS Partner Network, Loft is a cloud migration specialist, extending the lifecycle of legacy systems and building innovative new cloud platforms that give businesses the edge.