Loft Platform

Loft Platform is a starter kit for building any type of digital business platform – a web or mobile app, a data hub, a client portal or, as is often the case, a solution of connected parts.

Based on over 16 years experience developing advanced digital platforms from start-up to global scale, Loft Platform has the core components every platform needs, ready to use out of the box.

It is designed to be able to integrate with any and all other business systems, so you can use it to handle just one small part of your business requirements, or place it at the centre of your architecture. And with the ability to develop any bespoke functionality you like on top of it, it can grow and evolve with your business.

Our clients think of Loft Platform as the “first six months work, already done”.

We created it so that our clients, whatever the scale of their project, will have enterprise-grade functionality from get-go, and we can deliver highly successful projects faster and more cost effectively.

Key benefits

  • Reduced time and cost to market
  • Integrate with any other system or database
  • Build any bespoke functionality you need
  • Full design and branding freedom
  • Deploy and start building immediately
  • Deploy to your own infrastructure
  • Consolidate systems
  • CyberEssentials compliant

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Use Cases

Loft Platform is designed for building many types of digital platforms. Here are some examples.

Web and mobile applications

Web and mobile applications

Loft Platform can be used to quickly deliver web and mobile applications, providing a secure, high performance backend platform with all the routine functionality you need out of the box.

Dashboards and reporting

Dashboards and reporting

Loft Platform’s management interface enables you to deliver personalised dashboards and functionality to different groups of users, empowering them to monitor business and manage their work efficiently.

Client and customer portals

Client and customer portals

Loft Platform enables you to quickly create branded portals for your clients, customers and other external users, with bespoke functionality, so you can share information and work with them efficiently.

Automation and integration

Automation and integration

Loft Platform is ideal for quickly developing integrations, automations and data pipelines, as well as standardised workflows for your employees and external users, saving time, cost and the risk of errors.

Key features

Loft Platform is under continuous development. If there is a particular feature you need, please reach out to us to discuss.


  • Flexible underlying platform architecture
  • Allows you to add, override, extend or modify any functionality needed
  • Built on Python
  • Works with MySQL or PostgreSQL plus any other databases required
  • Docker-based setup and release, compatible with AWSGoogle CloudAzure
  • Support for full internationalisation and localisation

User management

  • Manage internal and external users
  • Manage user credentials, access, 2FA and account locking
  • Manage user consents and agreements
  • Manage roles and permissions
  • Report on user activity
  • View audit logs
  • Integrate with any other system holding user data
  • Import and export user data


  • Fully customisable management interface and dashboard
  • Fully customisable end user interfaces
  • Fully flexible branding, styling and layout – standard templates built with Bootstrap but these can be replaced with anything suitable
  • Ability to add any arbitrary number of different user interfaces and APIs
  • Ability to integrate with any external system that provides access


  • Library of customisable, standard emails for user account management
  • Ability to add any service emails needed for business functionality
  • Works with any SMTP provider


  • Ability to manage platform settings and configuration
  • Ability to add new settings and configuration options based on business need

Loft Platform Case study

Aura Fertility

In 2021, Aura Fertility reached out to Loft for help with building a new mobile app and backend platform for their startup. They were on a tight timeline to meet their investors’ expectations, but they also needed to deliver complex functionality with high production values to meet their clients’ needs.

We agreed to use Loft Platform to fast-track development work, providing management and client interfaces alongside the mobile app. This enabled them to build and release their product to market at speed, and secure valuable clients, press coverage and awards.

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Nick Nettleton
Rimvydas Zilinskas

Meet the makers

Loft Platform is developed by the Loft team. Design is led by Loft founder Nick Nettleton, and development by lead engineer Rimvydas Žilinskas. It is based on over 16 years’ work designing, building, supporting and growing digital platforms that have scaled up to hundreds of millions of pounds in annual revenues.

This experience has provided us with a unique insight into the different types of challenges businesses face as they launch and scale products, and how we can help them get there faster through generalised technology.

Loft Platform encapsulates all this learning to provide valuable building blocks, so our clients can focus on their business-specific needs. This enables them to grow faster, and provides them – and Loft – with a unique advantage in working together.

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