Streamlining web application development since 2007

Loft Digital’s LiveObjects, a PHP MVC web application framework, has been instrumental in accelerating the development of bespoke applications for both our clients and our own products. Originally conceived between 2007 and 2009, LiveObjects has undergone continuous refinement, providing web developers with a versatile platform for swiftly deploying web applications with fully customizable interfaces, backed by a robust relational database.

At the heart of LiveObjects lies a comprehensive collection of classes designed to handle the most common tasks encountered by web developers, including seamless database communication, user and session management, effortless language negotiation, template output, and streamlined configuration.

LiveRecord, an object-relational mapping framework inspired by Ruby on Rails’ Active Record, serves as the cornerstone of LiveObjects. LiveRecord empowers developers to define the entities within a system and their intricate relationships in code, enabling them to interact with these entities using an intuitive and efficient syntax. This includes tasks such as accessing the data model, creating new records, and effortlessly updating properties.

While LiveRecord remains a vital component of numerous applications, we no longer employ it as the foundation for new projects. Loft Platform has emerged as the successor, offering a modernized and enhanced development experience.

To delve deeper into the capabilities of LiveObjects, please feel free to reach out to us.