How can you give your digital products the best chance of success?

16 February 2023 Online event

Digital product success rates in pharma and healthcare are incredibly low.

Recent research by Graphite Digital revealed that in the pharma sector specifically, 1 in 5 digital product launches fail.

Only 4% said that their digital product launches always achieved the expected results, with others saying that they only delivered in some areas (54%) or that they didn’t know about the success of their products because there hadn’t been any measurement in place (10%).

What can you do to avoid your product failing and deliver for your customers?

In this conversation, we’ll be sharing experiences and recommendations for how you can make your product launch one of the success stories.

What we’ll cover

  • What do we mean by digital product in the context of pharma and health?
  • Why are so many digital products failing to deliver the expected results?
  • How to create a successful product — tips and practical advice
  • Alignment between design and development teams

About the speakers

Rob Verheul is CEO at Graphite Digital, a digital customer experience agency that collaborate with healthcare and pharmaceutical organisations to create innovative digital products for patients and HCPs using research, strategy and user-centric design. Their clients include Pfizer, NHS, Vhi Healthcare, and Astellas.

Nick Nettleton is CEO and Founder at Loft Digital, an award-winning digital consultancy and software developer. Loft design, build and manage complex digital systems for their clients, advising them on their tech and data strategies. Their clients include Aura, NHS and UCL.

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