Tech notes

  • Screen vs tmux

    Screen vs tmux

    GNU Screen and tmux are terminal multiplexers designed for Unix-like platforms. They are basically window managers for text consoles instead…

  • Running PHPUnit tests in Eclipse PDT

    Running PHPUnit tests in Eclipse PDT

    Working with PHPUnit and Eclipse PDT has always been a bit of a pain. We ended up using it as an external…

  • Debugging with audio

    Debugging with audio

    Sometimes you just want to know that you took the right branch in an if statement, or that the value…



    Every PHP developer will sooner or later face a request to output a document as a PDF, XLS, DOC or…

  • Writing MySQL functions in C

    Writing MySQL functions in C

    In the previous post Zdenek explained how to use MySQL stored functions to calculate the distance between two points on the…

  • Automatic geolocation and SQL

    Automatic geolocation and SQL

    Recently we launched a website and platform for iGo Gift Vouchers. One of the screens shows an interactive list of the…

  • Published writings, 2000-2005

    Published writings, 2000-2005

    Since 2000, I have written many articles for magazines like .net and Computer Arts. I also have written two introductory…

  • CMYK, RGB and PHP

    CMYK, RGB and PHP

    What a lot of acronyms. We want to automate converting colour spaces in a web app. It’s not easy. A…

  • PHP UTF-8 cheatsheet

    PHP UTF-8 cheatsheet

    Stopgap guide to going UTF-8 When we started building DropSend, we decided to support all languages worldwide from the start. The…