Published writings, 2000-2005

Since 2000, I have written many articles for magazines like .net and Computer Arts. I also have written two introductory books about web design and development, and edited a number of other authors’ books.

Here is a summary of my own published writings, 2000-2005:

Articles, 2000-2005


Creative web ads
You need a strong concept and striking visuals to make your ad stand out…
Computer Arts Projects, issue 69


Dealing with clients
How to secure clients… and keep hold of them
Computer Arts Projects, issue 65

CSS for designers
Learn how to use the power of CSS to control your Website in the simplest of ways!
Computer Arts Projects, issue 62

JavaScript for designers
We reveal just how easy it is to start using this powerful programming language
Computer Arts Projects, issue 62


Build a webshop from scratch
An 8-part serialised feature on developing ecommerce using PHP and MySQL
.net magazine, issues 111 to 118


Macromedia Contribute review
Computer Arts magazine

Macromedia Contribute preview
Computer Arts magazine

Flash Communication Server review
Computer Arts magazine, issue 77

Optimaze review
Computer Arts magazine

Fireworks MX review
Computer Arts magazine, issue 71

Designing sites that sell
Info and inspiration on using design to increase sales in online stores
Computer Arts Specials

Adobe GoLive 6 review
InternetWorks magazine (sadly, now defunct)


Dreamweaver layouts and page design
Your Web page looks great on paper, but when you try to recreate it in Dreamweaver, the HTML won’t do what you want. Sounds familiar? Then join our whistle stop tour of wraps, cuts, boxes, bleeds and other common design niggles…
Computer Arts Specials, issue 21

Flash dynamic menus
Navigation is the holy grail of Web design. Learn how to create an animated drop-down menu system in Flash, which you can quickly update from an external text file…
Computer Arts Specials, issue 18

Flash perspective effects
3D effects add a whole new dimension to animated design – in a creative sense as well as quite literally. But there’s no need to get bogged down in complex 3D modelling software…
Computer Arts Specials, issue 17

Cascading Style Sheets
CSS does more than rescue your Web pages from the sly truancy of HTML standards and the abominations of competing browsers. It’s the ultimate way to control the appearance and formatting of your Web pages…
Computer Arts Specials

Creating Flash games
Computer Arts Specials

Guide to ActionScript
Computer Arts Specials

Dreamweaver layout skills
Computer Arts Specials


Future navigation
The way you help visitors navigate your site is essential to how long they stay and whether they come back. Is the established model up to the job?
.net magazine, issue 73

They’re cool, they’re free, and they’re easy to find: track down some crazy fonts and icons to give your site a better look.
.net magazine, issue 71

Jazz up your site
The future of the Web is interactive
.net magazine, issue 69


Web Design Expert (2002), by Nick Nettleton

Publisher: Friedman/Fairfax
ISBN: 1586636804
View on » user:
“My only complaint about this book, is that it wasn’t written years ago. It would have saved me so much time, and helped me to give so much more value to all of the sites I’ve created. This book belongs on every professional, or even rank amateurs Website developers desk!”

How to Design and Build the Coolest Website in Cyberspace (2002), by Nick Nettleton

Publisher: Friedman/Fairfax
ISBN: 1586637134
View on »
“[Nick Nettleton] even goes as far as showing you how you could make money from your site once it’s up and running. And once again the approach is simple. Here is a list of possibilities and site details. Here is some advice plus the pros and cons of these approaches – with screenshots. Now go and do it.” user:
“I have been making web pages for quite a while, trying to figure it all out myself from scratch. I wish I had had this book… Inspires me to use [it] for teaching purposes and of course it will go to my kids when I am done with it.”
5/5 user:
“Nick Nettleton does an excellent job of introducing a fairly new web site creator the ins and outs of building a website beyond what one can do with simple HTML or FrontPage.”

The wonderful image attached to this post is ‘The Colorful Library of an Interaction Designer (Juhan Sonin)’, by See-ming Lee, at (licence CC BY-SA 2.0).

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