Mental Health + Neurodiversity Tech Event

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Mental Health and Neurodiversity Tech Networking event last week.

We heard from two fantastic panellists:

  • Sascha Evans, co-founder of Uncommon, which provides support for neurodiverse families
  • Ariana Alexander-Sefre, founder at SPOKE, a music-led mental wellness app

Sophia Parvizi-Wayne, founder at Kanjo Health, sadly could not join as planned, but hopefully she will be able to join us for a future event.

We explored some particularly interesting topics worthy of more discussion, including:

  • How creativity and culture can be used to support mental wellbeing, and to reach groups of people who are otherwise hard to reach. For example, SPOKE is reaching young males whereas the vast majority of users of mental wellness apps are female; and Uncommon is engaging with teenagers.
  • Knowing your users and what they want inside out – Ariana still interviews users every week, while Sascha is currently developing her platform in “manual mode” – in direct interaction with users.
  • Hiring the right senior team to build your business/product – and the mistake of taking too long to respond when someone is not the right fit for you.

We had lots of insightful and interesting discussion from our audience. And we had excellent networking.

If you came, please share any thoughts or insights into how we could continue to develop these regular events. And if you do not but would like to get involved, please let me know how. Email me.

For event updates, please keep in touch via our Newsletter or Eventbright page.

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