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Great socks for runners, by runners

High-end ecommerce, social strategy and website for this upcoming sportswear brand.

This month we are particularly excited to announce our launch of, a thoroughly modern, social, high-end ecommerce strategy and website for this upcoming sportswear brand.

RunBreeze is owned by two fanatical runners, and their business is to design, manufacture and sell stylish, practical gear for other serious runners. The market is dominated by just a couple of – day we say it – dowdy big players, whose digital strategies are firmly rooted in the early 2000s.

So we decided early on to help RunBreeze make their mark as a start-up with a smart, interactive and highly social brand model that champions the founders and their relentless enthusiasm alongside the technical nitty-gritty and production quality of their products.

Each screen of their site is packed full of careful strategic thinking, interactive features to enhance customer experience, SEO strategy and beautiful design values. The creative for this was provided by our good friends over at Pixelgroup.

Socks – a runner’s best friend – are at the heart of the product range, and the home page puts these on a pedestal with clever interactive features that enable you to browse and find the right socks for you without leaving the page. It also integrates with highly active Facebook and Twitter pages, to get the community going.

The product detail pages introduce further interactive features, while an active blog and personal diaries for the founders help them to connect with their customers and tell their story: in social/digital branding, the peer-to-peer story is key.

Runbreeze sock selection

On the technical side, the store runs on our Matchbox Ecommerce platform, which the client chose over Drupal, Magento and other options. To make it easy for the client to manage and maintain the style of their site around their busy schedules, sizing and styling images has been fully automated using clever server and browser tech.

Keep an eye out over coming months as we add more social and sales-driving features.

Run Breeze home page

Date posted

16 November 2011


2 min read

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