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Taking the stress out of IVF

Loft worked with start-up Aura Fertility to build a groundbreaking platform and app that supports patients to navigate IVF treatment, helping improve their health and outcomes.

The challenge

Aura Fertility is a start-up with a growing reputation in the femtech sector. Having developed the concept for a revolutionary app to help fertility clinics support their patients through the ups and downs of IVF treatment, the company asked Loft to build the new mobile app and platform for their business.

What we did

Working closely with Aura Fertility and design agency Special Projects, the Loft team began planning the software architecture based on the wide-ranging functionality Aura wanted to implement within the app and platform.

App onboarding asks patients to provide information about their health, treatment and ‘fertility quality of life’, and helps patients keep an ongoing ‘mood log’. After analysing this data, fertility clinics are notified of any ‘at risk’ patients who may benefit from additional support.

Meanwhile, the app intelligently suggests four or five pieces of content each day – personalised to the patient’s needs. This includes evidence-based coping tools, practical fertility education and holistic support such yoga and meditation. The content is provided in-step with their treatment journey, and personalised to their mood and ‘quality of life’ responses.

Underpinning the platform is Loft’s Platform Bio technology, which has been adapted to meet the requirements of both main user groups: women undergoing fertility treatment and the clinics providing it. In addition to the mobile app, the Aura platform includes the backend infrastructure, application and APIs, a management interface for fertility clinics, an internal administration tool and a data reporting pipeline.

As well as architecting and building the platform, Loft supported the Aura team in navigating other challenges involved in launching a major digital health platform, including technology strategy, security and finding trusted partners to work with on different aspects.


  • Aura Fertility is now able to offer a fully viable technology solution to fertility clinics that supports patients through IVF.
  • The platform is capable of providing tailored psychosocial support to hundreds of thousands of patients throughout their treatment.
  • Built by Loft, a chatbot intelligently communicates relevant messages to the user dependent on their specific circumstances and mood.
  • With Loft as its technology partner, Aura Fertility is able to prove its business model and deliver a groundbreaking concept to market.
  • Aura Fertility’s platform and mobile app is a successful implementation of Platform Bio, the digital health technology platform developed by Loft.

Why it matters

Going through IVF treatment can be highly stressful, to the point where it has a severe impact on a patient’s mental health, making it even more difficult for them to get pregnant.

Using Loft’s technology, Aura Fertility enables clinics to provide daily, personalised psychological support to their patients. By making their treatment journey a smoother and more positive experience, it can help improve their chances of having a baby.

Through the app, fertility clinics are able to support and keep in touch with every patient and monitor their wellbeing. If anyone is at risk of developing psychological issues, the clinic can intervene early to provide additional professional support.

We are creating technology to improve people’s lives.

Let’s talk

Got an idea for an app in the digital health sector? Get in touch and we’ll help you make it happen, via [email protected].

Loft – Testimonial

“Loft has been an amazing technology partner for us. They quickly understood our business vision, and have worked closely with us to build technology that meets the requirements of patients and healthcare providers in the femtech space. A fantastic collaboration – couldn’t have done it without them.”

Abi Hannah

Co-founder, Aura Fertility

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