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New site for Crisis

Organisation-wide digital strategy, UX and design with several websites for this top charity.

This month, we’re as proud as punch to launch something very worthwhile: an overall digital strategy and websites for the national homeless charity Crisis. The charity came to us to help them launch a site that would encourage people to campaign, donate, fundraise and volunteer. After our work with the Homeless World Cup over the last few years, it was a natural progression for us.

Crisis has a wide range of audiences including homeless people, campaigners, donors, volunteers, and MPs, so it was important for us to understand what each of these groups needed from the site. The overall objective was to position Crisis as a major player in the fight against homelessness, by driving more regular traffic and expanding the demographic mix, without excluding the existing audience of course.

Our solution to this? We designed the site to help visitors connect their actions directly with the impact these have on people’s lives. Something that would resonate directly with then. We’ve done this through a mix of video and text stories, activities supporters can get involved in, calls to action and facts and figures, as well as some more conventional brochure-style content.

The site was quite a departure for Crisis, so to make sure everyone was onboard, and to put a big tick against internal buy in, we met each team separately so that we could understand what they wanted from the new site. This insight then informed the development.

The result? Crisis can now communicate more fluently with a vast range of audiences, with visitors being made aware of upcoming events and fundraising activity as it happens. It can also highlight the impact of its work through compelling personal stories of its clients clearly demonstrating the direct impact of supporters help.

Phil Power, Head of Communications at Crisis said: “Following the launch of our new brand last year it was vital that we redeveloped our site to ensure that it meets all our brand values – uncorporate, positive and direct – and was consistent with our new identity. Loft has done just that and at the same time helped us to bring our work alive so we can get more people involved in our mission to end homelessness.”

Visit the new site at

Date posted

30 September 2009


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