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On the map: 2000 UK bike shops

Making it easier to find the right bike shop with interactive, searchable, clustered maps.

We have just release a major update to the Cyclescheme website, making it much easier for customers to search almost 2000 independent bike shops that are part of the scheme network, and decide where they would like to get their bike.

This combines intelligent location-based search and search-by-name, with Google maps, geometry, fast realtime updates, and marker clustering to avoid the ‘too many markers‘ problem. For example, in London there are more than 300 stores. Displaying all these individually creates a poor user experience, whereas a cluster displays the overall number in a given area until the zoom level is sufficient to display individually. Much more elegant.

Search results also provide details of which brands each store stocks, and it’s all mobile-friendly, of course.

Below are a few shots from the interface – or read more about our ongoing work with Cyclescheme here.

Date posted

27 August 2013


1 min read

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