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PHPUnit Essentials by Zdenek Machek

A massive ‘Hurray!’ to Loft engineer Zdenek on the publication of his book.

PHPUnit is a key industry tool for ensuring quality and reliability of code through automated testing. Here at Loft, we integrate it with Eclipse, Selenium, Jenkins and various other tools to provide continuous, automated, integrated, realtime quality checks throughout our production and release processes.

As mission critical applications become increasingly complex and interdependent, the potential for minor issues to cascade through systems and disrupt business or customer experience is huge. The most efficient way to manage these risks is to implement specific processes to automatically test and verify individual units of code and screen flow.

In his book, Zdenek provides leadership, guidance and insight on these and other tools and processes, together with recipes and code examples for developers to implement them within their teams.

Zdenek’s written more about his book here in the Loft tech blog, and you can buy it from Amazon here.

Date posted

18 June 2014


1 min read

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