Battlefield Basecamp

Website and large-scale Facebook integration for one of 2011’s biggest game launches.

We have completed a new site to support the launch of EA’s new shooter, Battlefield 3. This is one of the largest and most anticipated computer games launches this year.

The site is designed to generate viral social media activity around the launch, and acts as a click-through destination for the huge launch ad campaign. It invites visitors to set up a virtual squad and invite friends to join their squad through Facebook, to be entered for number of competition. These friends can in turn create their own squads with other friends to be entered into the competitions themselves, and so creating the carrot for the campaign to go viral. Newly created squads are displayed on the site, and each squad has its own unique URL which can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere, enabling fans to chat about their squads online.

Battlefield Basecamp home page

This is project is the latest in our ongoing partnership with Future, the publisher GamesRadar and many of the UK’s leading gaming magazines. Take a look and join here.

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