Childcarescheme: a big app for tax savings

New online service and web apps for SMEs to offer easy-to-use, tax-saving childcare scheme.

We’ve just launched a brand new platform and online service for our long-standing client, Cyclescheme, who we have helped to become one of the UK’s fastest growing companies over the last five years.

Our new platform adapts the light-touch, fully-automated, self-service approach to employee benefits that we have devised with Cyclescheme over the last few years, for the childcare sector. This sector is thought to be worth about £5.5bn a year in total, rising to perhaps £7.2bn by 2015, and currently saves parents about £200 million a year.

The project brings together ideas, design, systems and technology we have already created for the company, with technology and business processes from the Grass Roots Group’s market-leading care-4 programme, to enable SMEs to easily get a childcare benefits programme in place for their staff.

We have also created an elegant website to promote the service, an application for employers to register and operate a scheme, and an another application for employees to manage their savings and payments.

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