Crisis Investors goes live

Campaign site to explain how social investment works and encourage people to get involved.

We have just launched a brand new site for the Crisis Investors campaign for social investment.

Recent research by Oxford Economics shows that for every £1 donated to Crisis, through their work the charity in fact saves society £3.36 in longer term costs and taxation. This is genuinely incredible figure. If you could put money into any private investment and get 330% back, everyone would be at it. As a social investment, you may not see the result as a personal profit, but society as a whole benefits to the same tune. It is hard to over-estimate how valuable this research is a time of cuts: it demonstrates to government and individual donors that supporting Crisis is not just ethically sound, it is also financially astute.

The objective of the new site is to communicate this idea to ordinary people in a clear, intuitive way, and to encourage them to view their donation as a long term investment in society. It combines video stories and diagrams with facts and figures, and and a simple investment calculator, so visitors can see how much their own donation will save society.

“We went to Loft with a wooly brief and basic concept, that’s all. From this, they delivered a fresh, clean, multi-functional and dynamic website. They came in on budget and they delivered on time. That is the sign of a great web agency.”

– Ed Tait, Head of Individual Giving at Crisis

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