Loft teams up with Neighbourly

We’re working on digital strategy with this start-up that helps families manage care for elderly relatives in their own home.

This is our first step into the care sector and we are working with Neighbourly’s founder Gavin Reid to design a digital system linking carers, care recipients, their families, and potentially social care bodies. The system will help people to efficiently schedule and monitor in-home care to meet the individual needs of the person receiving the care.

“Research has been done that shows people stay healthier for longer if they can live at home,” says Loft founder Nick Nettleton. “By working with Neighbourly we hope to develop a technology that brings better quality of life to the elderly by supporting them to live independently, and help ease the burden social care will put on society with our ageing population.”

We are still early in the project, designing the system and setting out a technology roadmap that meets the business case for the service.

The technology Loft is designing will include mobile and server side applications, built on Loft’s scalable, cloud-based Digital Health Platform.

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