The rise of Femtech

Encompassing fertility, period tracking, nursing care, reproductive health, wellness and much more besides, Femtech is an increasingly important area of digital health.

Here at Loft, we recently launched the Aura app for women receiving fertility treatment, which has made us aware of how important it is for developers, startups and investors to approach Femtech products in the right way to achieve success.

To break things down, Loft and Health Foundry held a networking evening and panel discussion devoted to Femtech on 25 August 2022 at Health Foundry’s London base. The sold-out event was buzzing with ideas and knowledge as professionals from across the Femtech space shared their experiences.

Led by Freya Hickman of the Female Founders Network at Health Foundry, the panel included Naytal CEO and founder Leila Thabet alongside Sarah Turner, the CEO and co-founder of Angel Academe. Looking at why healthcare tech aimed at women is growing in profile, the discussion went on to explore when and how founders in the field should look for funding.

Securing investment in Femtech

This was a key issue – female-led organisations in digital health often face difficulty raising finance from a male-dominated investment community. A prominent piece of advice was that women entrepreneurs shouldn’t undersell themselves in negotiations, or undervalue their firms. Be positive and confident about your proposition.

The importance of Femtech shouldn’t be underestimated, either. Products and services in this area are empowering women to take control of their health. They are also addressing women’s health issues in ways the NHS hasn’t managed. Driven mostly by women, Femtech may even be a way of reducing the gender health gap that exists in the UK and elsewhere.

Next up…

On Thursday 29 September, Loft and Health Foundry will be hosting a networking event focusing on digital health technologies in the field of Mental Health. Tickets are FREE but act fast as our last event was a sell-out. Click here to reserve your ticket.

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