Welcome to the new Loft HQ

After several months’ hard work, the new Loft HQ is finally ready! We’ve moved in and settled in, and we’re looking forward to welcoming clients and friends alike to our brand new workspace.

The arrangement of a workspace has a huge impact on the way people work together, and at Loft this is integral to our culture and values. It helps us to put learning, innovation, collaboration, workspeed and solid delivery at the heart of what we do.

  1. Flexible, moveable, open-plan desk spaces for focused solo- and teamwork. At Loft, everyone uses laptops so we can quickly reorganise team members around projects and opportunities to learn from one another.
  2. A whole wall painted with whiteboard paint enables us to share weekly and monthly team plans and goals. The team gathers around this each morning for 10-15 minutes to set out the day’s priorities and rapidly resolve any questions or trouble spots.
  3. Several collaboration/meeting spaces, including a planning room with a whiteboard wall, a boardroom, and a library area with all the books you could hope for on best practice, trends, leadership and data in technology.

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