Big data boost for the UK cycling industry

Loft is helping the Bicycle Association take its UK Cycling Market Data Service to the next level.

Working on a consultancy basis with the BA and Sports Marketing Surveys, Loft is providing advice and insight on how to migrate the service to the cloud and benefit from the latest cutting edge data technology, tools and techniques.

Tracking over a million cycling products and services every month – including bikes, electric bikes, parts, accessories, clothing and more – the existing Market Data Service (MDS) already plays a crucial role for cycling firms across the country. It has made it possible for industry subscribers to navigate the COVID-driven cycling boom of 2020-21 and the associated supply chain issues created by the pandemic and Brexit.

With Loft’s assistance, MDS 2.0 will build on that success.

“This transition will enable MDS 2.0 to grow faster and integrate seamlessly with other services,” says Nick Nettleton, Loft CEO. “It will be able to deliver more detailed insights, and will improve the user experience, leading the way for technology in the UK’s cycling industry.”

The first iteration of MDS launched two years ago and now serves over 70 per cent of the UK cycling market with data drawn directly from retail till systems around the country. Over the next six to 12 months, MDS 2.0 and its new functionality will be rolled out. The service will continue to operate on a not-for-profit basis to benefit the cycling industry.

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