Is your tech strategy ready for the steady exit from lockdown?

The gradual exit from lockdown is a crucial window for companies to align their tech with sudden changes in customer demand and unexpected pressure points. It is not too late to conceive and execute a strategy.

Loft has been working furiously to support our clients, and keep their businesses on track through lockdown.

Some have seen demand pressures in unexpected areas of their business. We have helped them to respond quickly by putting in the right systems and changes. Others have been impacted by tough declines in revenue. We have helped them to focus on cost management and efficiency while looking ahead to their post pandemic strategies. All, however, are focused on using tech to optimise their businesses for current conditions.

As the EU comes out of lockdown, we are working closely with our clients to develop and execute strategies that will enable them to offer the digital services their customers will need as economies reopen. and we start to establish some sort of new normal.

For example have been looking at how to support the cycling industry, where we have decades of experience, with a sudden surge in demand. We hear that all bikes under £500 have sold out everywhere. In the health world, social distancing is leading to problems with the sharing of patient data that we are working on with Moorfields Eye Hospital.

The Loft team are all working from home, of course. This has been a relatively easy transition – and a useful test of our business continuity policy. We are used to collaborating across international boundaries on a day to day basis, both within our teams and with clients. We have been developing formats for remote workshopping and other activities that we would normally do face to face. And we are actively building new working relationships and delivering effective systems at speed, regardless of social distancing.

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