Loft wins funding award with Moorfields Eye Hospital and UCL

We can finally reveal that we’ve been awarded a research and development grant by the UK Government, via Health Data Research UK, to work with Moorfields Eye Hospital and UCL.

Our remit is to explore the challenges faced by rare disease patients, clinicians and scientists, accessing and sharing vital specialist data. Our aim is to prototype some new digital tools and workflows that will help to improve clinical care and accelerate genetic research in this cutting edge field.

This is Loft’s first major advance in the digital health arena. Our longer term objective is to bring skills and expertise that we have developed creating leading digital platforms in other fields, to help with the digitisation and modernisation of UK and global health services.

To aid this process we will take a radically patient- and user-centred approach to this nine month project. For example, we plan to involve all groups of users in collaborative design sprints. We will be canvasing their feedback throughout the project to inform direction and help uncover innovative solutions to some of the health service’s most intractable problems.

Moorfields Eye Hospital is a major European centre for research into eye health, and innovation in the use of modern digital systems and artificial intelligence in healthcare. UCL, alias University College London, is one of the world’s leading multi-disciplinary universities. Loft is honoured to be have the opportunity to work with them.

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