MyEyeSite enters open beta

Here at Loft, one of our aims is to give patients greater control over their health records. So, we’re very excited that MyEyeSite, the application we’re developing with Moorfields Eye Hospital and UCL, is now available to patients with rare eye diseases as an open beta.

We have already been testing the application with a range of users, but now we are opening it up to a broader audience. Anyone with a rare eye disease who is interested in trying it out and helping us improve it can now register to use the application at the MyEyeSite website, enter their details and start collating documents and images relating to their condition from various sources. MyEyeSite will put the records of patients at the fingertips of the specialists treating them, with doctors able to update records in real time. It will make appointments a lot smoother for patients and clinicians.

And, by collecting this highly specialised patient data in one place, MyEyeSite will in due course become a boon for researchers seeking to better understand rare eye diseases in order to develop more effective treatments for them.

Moving to the open beta phase is a major milestone for the project. By increasing user numbers, we’ll be able to test MyEyeSite with a wider variety of blind and partially sighted patients and gather their feedback on its accessibility, user experience, functionality and technical performance.

“This is an exciting step in the ongoing evolution of MyEyeSite and proves our continued focus on and commitment to this project,” says Nick Nettleton, CEO of Loft. “The more patients who use it, the more feedback we can collect, allowing us to continue improving the application and potentially come up with innovative new features.”

It is just over a year since we first unveiled the MyEyeSite prototype at a patient day in London. Our team has been working hard to develop it – with patients, clinicians and researchers – and with the beta taking flight we will be able to plan a roadmap for this ground-breaking application.

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