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The recently launched is a site we’re particularly proud of. It’s a novel idea that allows flyers to read and share views on the best aeroplane seats. It shows users the best flights, airlines and seats on any journey around the world, based on reviews and ratings submitted by consumers, as opposed to comparing flights simply on price alone. Something important to a lot of flyers, and particularly frequent flyers.

The “science bit” behind it is pretty complicated. The airline data, seating plans, highly specific text and interior design of each plane has been supplied by the leading industry publication, and but these are presented in a simple format that’s easy to understand and very usable. It details the variations of flight class, journey time and seating plans on any given plane. The data allows users to understand which seat best fits their needs, from which they can choose which airline, which plane and which seat is for them

Users don’t need to have a flight booked, they just need to know where they are flying to and from to quickly get a range of options from which they can pick what suits their particular needs. We ensured the site steers away from the usual jargon led technical side of flying to make it as user friendly as possible in order for regular and non-regular flyers to make the best use out of the information. It was crucial to the success of that the site was as commercial and accessible to a wider range of users, rather than just a small niche that already know a great deal about planes and their seating plans.

Consumer review sites like this have become very popular recently with consumers choosing to trust the opinion of others rather than rely on clever marketing and advertising. is another welcome addition to these review sites.

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